At the present time all our birthday parties will be carried out online via zoom.
A child’s birthday party is all about creating memories. At Splattercraft we go the extra mile to help create the perfect party for your child to remember forever.
We offer a range of children’s birthday parties which are full of fun and creativity. Our parties are great for all age groups as each is individually planned with the child’s age group in mind. We take care of everything leaving you to sit back, relax and enjoy the party.
Contact Us today to book a birthday party your child will cherish forever!
Pottery Painting Birthday Party 

A fun party where the children can get creative painting an item from our party selection. By using their creative imagination, the children will enjoy bringing their unique piece to life which they can cherish forever.  The finished pieces will be fired at our studio and delivered one week later. 


Slime Making Birthday Party 

Our slime making parties are great, sticky, messy fun. The children will enjoy making various slimes in different colours and textures, add a little glitter for that extra sparkle. 


Jewellery Making Birthday Party

Our Jewellery Making party is full of fun with lots of beautiful, coloured beads and accessories. The children get creative making a few pieces of jewellery using a range of beading materials. A fun birthday activity for all. 

 Button Mosaic Birthday Party

Our button mosaic birthday party involves creating a mosaic piece using paint, buttons and a wooden shape. The children get to choose a shape of their choice from our carefully selected range. This party is great for the children using their imagination to get creative. 

Decoupage Birthday Party

The children will have great sticky fun creating a unique masterpiece, with our decoupage party. Each child will choose an item to stick a variety of coloured paper layers onto, using paste and varnish. 


Sand Art Birthday Party

We all love playing with sand and our Sand Art parties allow children to do just that. A fun party mixing and matching various coloured sand to create a beautiful picture card that the children can put up on their wall. 


Paint Splatter Birthday Party

Due to the current government guidelines, we are unable to offer our paint splatter birthday parties.  We hope to offer these again after Easter.